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Dear Reader,

If your livelihood relies on processes and materials that require a predictable and effective liquid—solid interface, the contents of this site should hopefully interest you. We have now spent over 30 years talking with customers in the converting, printing, inks, plastics, metals, coatings, adhesives, automotive, medical, and energy industries (plus countless others) to identify the supplies and information which are most useful in solving wetting and adhesion problems.

This website is the natural result of that long and ongoing stream of communication. To apply this give-and-take philosophy directly online, we have added a blog to the site, and I actively invite any and all questions regarding surface modification, the dyne test, and other methods of surface analysis.

Along with our world-renowned ACCU DYNE TEST™ products, we also offer several other product lines that over the years have proven their worth in our customers' hands. These include silicone treater sleeves, DuNouy tensiometers, Zahn viscosity cups, stroboscopes and tachometers, and more. We also still have a small inventory of scientific and technical books left over from the PolySurfaces Bookstore, including a good quantity of Don Satas's classic, The Handbook of Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Technology.

Our company philosophy is simple: Sell only the best products at aggressively competitive prices, and never be bested in technical service and support. To keep up with industry changes, we enjoy selling direct to end users; your feedback enables us to constantly improve and expand our technical expertise, making us the natural source of solutions for surface wetting and adhesion problems.

Russ Smith, President
Diversified Enterprises

p.s. Please note we now ship by UPS ground service prepaid, at no charge, to all U.S. commercial addresses!