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Important Dyne Testing Considerations

Here at Diversified Enterprises, we have been manufacturing calibrated dyne solutions for direct sale to the converting and printing industries for 30 years. Twenty five years ago, we introduced the ACCU DYNE TEST™ Marker Pen - still the worldwide gold standard for accuracy.

If you use or specify dyne testing supplies, we'd like to ask you to consider a number of questions:

Does your current dyne test supplier

  • Routinely ship freshly prepared product the same day your order is placed?
  • Use only reagent grade constituents as specified by ASTM Std. D2578 and ISO 8296?
  • Maintain manufacturing traceability, starting with the suppliers of all reagents?
  • An average of 25 years of international experience supporting the quality and research efforts of substrate producers; printers and converters; inks, coatings, and adhesives manufacturers; and countless other industries?
  • Host by far the most comprehensive, information-driven, instructive, and order-friendly website focused on surface treating and dyne testing?
  • Offer limited lab testing services by experienced professionals at no charge?
  • Allow you to order any combination of dyne levels and quantities you require?
  • Promote aggressive quantity discounts, including pooling of simultaneous orders over multiple facilities?
  • Pay for domestic shipping costs on scheduled release orders (our Autofill system)?
  • Offer free product samples?
  • And finally - the most telling questions of all:

    Does whoever you talk to on the phone (real live people do actually answer here) - or correspond with by email - have a knowledge and understanding of dyne testing based on 12 to over 25 years in the industry? Do they have cogent and effective answers to your inquiries? Do they follow up to make sure their suggestions resulted in solutions for you?

    If you can answer yes to all these questions, thank you for choosing Diversified Enterprises! If not, thanks for visiting us online, and give us a call to discover how much support we can provide.

    Russ Smith, President
    Diversified Enterprises