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Standard Calibration Oils
for EZ® and S90 Cups

Calibration oilThese viscosity standards are produced in strict accord with ISO 9002 and ANSI Q92. 1987. Packaged in sealed, dark glass pint bottles; minimum one year shelf life. Actual lot data is printed on the label and is directly traceable to NIST. Supplied with a chart showing viscosity from 20°C to 27°C. To ensure freshness this item drop ships directly from the manufacturer.

Do NOT use silicone fluids to calibrate EZ® or S90 viscosity cups — these materials permanently alter the cups' performance.

We ship via UPS ground service prepaid at no charge to all U.S. commercial addresses, and correspondingly discount all residential and air shipments. Minimum order $40.00.
Viscosity (centipoise)
Used to Calibrate Price Qty
31101 19 EZ® #1 $95.00
31111 68 S90 #1 $95.00
31102 117 EZ® #2, S90 #2 $95.00
31113 270 S90 #3 $95.00
31103 458 EZ® #3, EZ® #4 $95.00
31105 878 EZ® #5, S90 #4, S90 #5 $95.00